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Meet Toby

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Toby loves sports, Star Wars,history, honoring veterans, being involved in his church community, and participating in outdoor activities like shooting trap.  He is a HUGE Kentucky fan! He bleeds blue thru and thru! Toby has many interests and passions, as he is filled with enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoys life. Toby also happens to suffer from mitochondrial disease (mito). Mito is a metabloic disorder that causes a deficit in life sustatining energy.  It worsens over time. Each year, more symptoms are emerging as the disease progresses.  There is no cure----yet.


Toby is beating the odds, as many children with his form of mito are taken far too young.  Toby takes dozens of medications each day, and gets treatments every week. His life is filled with therapies, clinic visits, porcedures, surgeries, and hospital stays as we try to slow the progression, improve energy, and deal with his many body systems struggling.  


Toby is a brave, strong, now 16 year old, filled with hope and faith.  Despite all he goes through, he sees the blessings all around him, and strives to do good in the world.  He amazes me each and everyday. Toby has touched more lives than he will ever know, not only through his charitable acts, but by inspiring others as he battles bravely against mitochondrial disease.  He fights with determination and grace, centered in his faith, and thinking always of others first.  










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