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This page is just for KIDS!!!

There's information about mito,

links to coloring pages, and more!




Mitochondria are our bodies' batteries.

 They give us energy. Think about how well

your toys work when the batteries are bad. Not great!




Mitochondria are in almost all of our cells.

They provide 90% of our power!

Yeah, they're pretty important.




MITO 101..... FOR KIDS


Mitochondrial disease, or mito, is invisible. That means that you might not be able to tell if someone has mitochondrial diseaase by looking at them. Especially, if they are having a good day.


Kids who have mito have bodies that don't always work great.

It takes energy to think, or even sleep!


Kids with mitochondrial disease are not faking. Sometimes they use wheelchairs, or rest to conserve energy, so they can participate in other activities later.


If you see a kid get out of a car in a disabled parking spot, and then skip or run into the store, they might NOT be faking. They could have mito. Sometimes kids with mito have spurts of energy, but they have to park close because it won't last. Kids aren't perfect about conserving their energy....because they're kids.


All kids with mito are not the same, just like all kids without mito are not the same.


Mito is something kids HAVE.  It is NOT who they ARE.


You can't catch mito.  It's not a cold.


Kids with mito might take lots of medicines and spend lots of time in the hospital fighting the symptoms.


There is no cure for mitochondrial disease....yet, but YOU CAN HELP! By telling people about mito and using the words, “MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASE,” you are spreading awareness. The more people that know about mito, the closer we come to a cure.




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