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Team Toby

Jared Lorenzen


Plasma Drive

Donate plasma to help improve and save the lives of countless patients who receive plasma based drugs like Toby. There is currently a massive national shortage of immunoglobulin drugs. If you donate at a CSL Plasma Donation Center, you will be donating directly into the pipeline that feeds Toby's drug manufacturer. See the link to find one near you.  If you cannot donate at CSL, donate anywhere! If you are inelligible to donate, encourage others to donate!



Cincinnati Children's Walk 2016​

Thank you to everyone who came out to walk with us, made donations, and supported Toby and his hospital home, Cincinnati Children's Hospital.


Facebook - Photograph by Sarah Oliver

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Event and Fundraiser in Honor of Toby's 5th Grade Graduation


For graduation, more than any other gift for graduation, Toby wanted to cure mitochondrial disease, for himself and all the other kids suffering with it. That desire turned into a huge celebration at Whitaker Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends.  Nearly 300 friends, family, and Team Toby supporters joined us to celebrate Toby's strength and bravery, learn about mitochondrial disease, and raise money toward finding a cure. The hit of the day was a kids verse adults whiffle ball game on the real field!  Star Wars heroes and Big L ran interference to insure the kids won! Tom Leach, the Voice of the Kentucky Wildcats, was our MC, helping us share information about mito in Big Blue style! We raised awareness and lots of money! Thank you to the Legends ownership, and everyone else who made this event a huge success. Click on the photos link to see all the fun!


Team Toby Night with the

Lexington Legends


We have such gratitude for the Lexington Legends organization, as well as the Blue Sun Squad of Vader's 501st for being avid supporters of Team Toby! Once again, we had the opportunity to talk to the fans and spread awareness for mitochondrial disease.



Team Toby 

Star Wars Night

at Blaze Pizza

August 2017

​The Blue Sun Squad of Vader's 501st Legion teamed up to raise mitochondrial disease Awareness and raise money toward finding a cure! 


Cincinnati Children's Walk 2014

What a way great time we had! 77 walkers joined us at the Cincinnati Zoo to walk with Team Toby!  We had the largest attendance of all the teams at this HUGE event! With registration fees and donations combined, Team Toby gave Cincinnati Children's nearly $10,000.00! That was with no corporate sponsors or matches.  Guess what my goal is for 2015?  Start asking your employers about corporate matching please. 


Cincinnati Children's Walk 2013

Team Toby's debut appearnace at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Walk.  Over 50 tem members including Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and a Jawa joined us! We made quite an impression for newbies. Thank you for your continued support of Team Toby.


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